Are you a VoIP or IPRN Reseller or wish to become one? If you want to generate some profits, Inn-Telecom is your ideal and reliable network partner for all those who are looking for new business opportunities in the world of telecommunications.

It is very simple to start doing business with Inn-Telecom. Regardless if you are a big company with billions of minutes per month or a new startup in the VoIP market, a multi-national carrier or a small calling card provider, you will be satisfied with prices and quality of service that Inn-Telecom offers.

Our service and offer:
- International Premium Rate Numbers (IPRN)
- DID Numbers
- Wholesale
- Reseller Program
- Colocation in Poland and optical fiber.

Contact us and start to generate your revenues and profits now!


New offer:
Optical fiber: Frankfurt (Main) Minsk  Moscow Asia Africa